Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ungaro Pour l'Homme II Review

Ungaro Pour l’Homme II is an attractively anachronistic fougèriental that repudiated the early ‘90s trend for clean, metallic smelling masculine scents and instead took for inspiration Guerlain’s Jicky – the animalic reference launched fully a century prior.
Both fragrances open with an arresting blast of civet drenched citrus (principally bergamot) atop a lavender dominated aromatic accord that’s sweetened by a balmy- musky-vanillic oriental fond.
Where though Jicky can hardly wait to show off its star base-note ingredient coumarin, whose pasty, hay-like odour was still novel in perfumery at the time of its composition, Ungaro II is given a vibrant lift by the addition of geranium oil which extends the citric top and adds a fresh, manly rosiness to the heart.  

Nose: François Demachy (?)
House: Ungaro
Release date: 1992 (discontinued)
Notes (per Fragrantica): orange, coriander, lavender, basil, neroli, bergamot lemon, carnation, ginger, pepper, orris root, jasmine, rose, geranium leather, amber, sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, benzoin, civet, vanilla, cedar.

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