Sunday, 27 July 2014

Menthe Fraîche Review

Menthe Fraîche  goes where few fine fragrance have dared, extrapolating the various facets of peppermint oil to create a kind of mint ‘soliflore’.
Opening on a mentholated note that envelops a fresh, Hedione-citrus accord, the perfume quickly develops a strong green character redolent of crushed leaves (so possibly including Stemone / Stearyl Acetate / Cis-3-Hexenol) with an ozonic accent and a somewhat agrestic heart. The whole is underscored by a refined cedar which, to my nose, carries the merest suspicion of spice.
Longevity is on the weak side.

Nose: David Maruitte
House: James Heeley
Release date: 2006
Notes (per Fragrantica): mint leaf, Sicilian bergamot, lotus, mate, white cedar.

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