Sunday, 21 September 2014

Brin de Réglisse Review

Central to Brin de Réglisse is a deliciously stylised lavender chord that incorporates both the oil from the lavandula genus itself, as well another member of the lamiaceae family: clary sage.
The sweeter aspects of this herbal complex are picked up by the titular licorice note that includes some immortelle-like, burnt caramel nuances. The effect is dark, yet characteristic of Ellena’s style, sheer.   
Longevity is however, fairly poor so all too soon the perfume reaches its vanilla- coumarin-pale wood-clean musk dominated end.

Nose: Jean-Claude Ellena
House: Hermès
Release date: 2007
Notes (per Fragrantica): hay, licorice, lavender. 

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