Wednesday, 10 December 2014

In The Woods Review

The opening of In the Woods is promising:  fresh mint over a terpy-piney-spicy-incensey complex. So far as the listed notes go, there’s a studied harmony: pink pepper obviously overlaps in odour with black pepper, but also with elemi and juniper. It also blends well with citrus, which would have provided perfumer Clément Salva with an easy top to mid transition. That he instead went minty-green in the head notes is actually rather novel.
Like so many modern fragrances however, the base is all boring bulk – Cashmeran and Ambrox-type woody ambers and has little to recommend it save longevity.

Nose: Clément Salva 
House: eSENSielle
Release date: 2014
Notes (per aus Liebe zum Duft): Mountain hemlock, pink pepper, juniper, galbanum, stone pine, elemi, black pepper, geranium, mint, fir balsam, labdanum, cedarwood, cashmerewood, ambergris.

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