Friday, 12 June 2015

Ashoka Review

Ashoka’s ‘everything-but-the-kitchen-sink’ approach makes it something of a challenge to classify. The perfume begins life as a sweet, fruity-floral with a big cassis accord hiding some jasmone inflected lily-of-the-valley type green notes. Quickly however, it turns into a sort of gourmandiental as coconutty lactones introduce a caramelic theme that has a spicy and resinous complexity to it. The problem is that there’s nothing to continue all this save a bare base of desiccated, Norlimbanol/Nimberol/Timberol woods and straightforward smelling musks. 
Ultimately unsatisfying. 

Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour
House: Neela Vermeire 
Release date: 2013
Notes (per Fragrantica): fig leaf, leather, white lotus, pink lotus, mimosa, fig tree, osmanthus, rose, water hyacinth, vetiver, styrax, incense, sandalwood, myrrh, tonka bean, fir balsam

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