Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Laine de Verre Review

With Laine de Verre, Mssrs. Lutens and Sheldrake remain at the nexus of functional and fine fragrance in their meditation on ‘clean’. Where the original L’Eau evoked the scent of a hot iron and freshly laundered linen, the latest addition takes us in the direction of personal hygiene products as are familiar from the morning routine.
After a mentholic, pepperminty opening whose icy freshness is a quotation from mouthwash, the fragrance is overtaken by a blend of aliphatic aldehydes (esp. C-12 MNA) that are zingy, metallic and waxy, and responsible for a textbook ‘soapy’ accord. In the background, citric notes combine with floral ingredients like Geraniol to give a vague impression of rose, but it’s a rose that’s been run through the wash so many times as to loose all its colour and become almost indistinguishable from the anonymous, musky base.

Nose: Christopher Sheldrake
House: Serge Lutens
Release date: 2014
Notes (per Fragrantica): Citruses, aldehydes, musks.


  1. A real scrubber for me. You are bolder, my friend! Kudos! ;)

  2. Not exactly my 'holy grail' either, Larimar !