Sunday, 22 February 2015

Esvedra Review

Smelling Pierre Guillaume's Esvedra, I was immediately put in mind of Trussardi's Trussardi: at the top, both are dominated by a delicious, crisp verdancy backed by a bitter aromatic/coriander accord that borders on the urinous. Guillaume relates the greenery to a 'fractal' (fractionated?) vetiver, though I confess I get none of the peanutty associations that come at least with the Haitian variety. To my nose, it's green more in the direction of galbanum with cut-grass accents.
Disappointingly, the wonderful effect is very, very short lived. Within a couple of hours all that remains is a sensual, delicately powdery musk fond built around the captive base Nevenolide (also used by Guillaume in Papyrus de Ciane). 

Nose: Pierre Guillaume
House: Laborattorio Olftattivo
Relase date: 2011
Notes (per Fragrantica): vetiver, musk, petit grain, lemon, coriander, Nevenolide.

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