Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Salina Review

Laboratorio Olfattivo describes Salina as “[a] parfum that remind us immediately the sun blinding sparkle, reflecting itself over the water; the childish play of footprints over the sand, deleted by waves, and the warmth of the sun over the skin”.
The water, sand and waves bit I get: it’s there in the heavily dosed Calone-type marine base. What I don’t get is why this is introduced by an almost combative, sweetly-herbal green complex that in part recalls artemisia; it neither develops the theme in an obvious direction nor works in a complementary fashion.
Relative to the former, the latter accord doesn’t last so very long, meaning one ends up smelling principally of warm, stagnant rock-pool for much of the scent’s duration.

Nose: David Maruitte
House: Laboratorio Olfattivo
Release date: 2013
Notes (per Fragrantica): lemon, pine needles, sea salt, sand, myrtle, sea notes, lavender, vanilla, tonka bean, cedar, musk.

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