Thursday, 23 April 2015

Paris Seychelles Review

Perhaps the least interesting of the current collection, Paris Seychelles is based around a similar suntan cream accord of lactonic coconut and salicylates as Entre Ciel et Mer, but here marries it to a very clean, frangipani blossom that has additional spicy, lily and woody nuances (coming from Robertet’s lovely Lisylang Heart fractionation). If the Seychelles are represented by this Gauguin-esque portrait of island life, then Paris must be identified with the ozonic/metallic ring that comes off its back. 

Nose: Pierre Guillaume
House: Pierre Guillaume La Collection Croisière
Release date: 2015
Notes (per Fragrantica): white flowers, frangipani, salt, lily, coconut, monoï oil, galbanum, pepper, petitgrain, ginger. 

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