Sunday, 5 April 2015

Perle de Mousse Review

Perle de Mousse is a soapy-aldehydic, green floral centred around galbanum and a watery/metallic lily-of-the-valley (hydroxycitronellal, helional etc) ’perle’ note. The composition is given a nice pear-like twist in the top, but the promised moss (mousse) is unfortunately wanting, leaving the perfume without much heft or character. 

Nose: Bertrand Duchaurfour
House: Ann Gerard
Release date: 2012
Notes (per Fragrantica): aldehydes, pink pepper, bergamote, green mandarin, galbanum, ivy, lily of the valley, Bulgarian roe, cloves, jasmine, geranium, lentic absolute, ambergris, musk, vanilla.

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