Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ducalis Review

Ducalis is a woody-floral perfume with the emphasis firmly on the woody aspect. It opens with a powdery, pink rose accord that quickly submits to an overdose of Timberol/Norlimbanol (vel.sim.), giving the fragrance a dessicated, scorched timber character with animalic-steroidal overtones. As Firmenich (who manufacture Norlimbanol) advise, the material requires ‘careful blending and dosing’ to avoid it running roughshod over the entire composition which here also includes a fresh, laundry-powder citation.

Nose: Angela Ciampagna
House: Angela Ciampagna
Release date: 2015
Notes (per Fragrantica): nutmeg, geranium, salt, rose, lily, cyclamen, ylang-ylang, mimosa, cedar, sandalwood, palisander rosewood, leather, amber, musk, vanilla.

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