Saturday, 18 July 2015

Rosarium Review

The name ‘rosarium’ is here intended in its Medieval, figurative sense ‘a garland; string of prayers’ rather than its primary meaning ‘rose garden’ and what we’re presented with is, in essence, an incense-centric fragrance. 
So far as olibanum accords go, Rosarium’s is fairly typical: the basic theme is elaborated with some woody-ambers and 2-methyl undecanal (the most sparkly aldehyde in No.5 and the starting material for Givaudan’s incense-like captive Mystikal), softened by some vanilla and powdery musks. Its innovation however, lies in linking this to an intensely carroty top. On a technical level, this oddball combo works far better than it ought to. But that doesn’t alter the fact you’re still going to smell like a carrot for some time. 

Nose: Angela Ciampagna
House: Angela Ciampagna
Release date: 2015
Notes (per Fragrantica): honey, carrot seeds, juniper berries, woody notes, violet and celery seeds, musk, vanilla, cedar, vetiver, incense.

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