Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Armani Review (vintage EdT)

Now discontinued, Armani was a thoughtfully created aldehydic floral chypre. Its opening is soapy and green-in-a-galbanum way with a touch of tropical fruitiness perhaps coming from some allyl amyl glycolate. My sample is labelled ‘1990’ and definitely has a well-macerated feel to it: if there were any sharp edges, these have been rounded with time and the perfume moves effortlessly to a classical floral heart of jasmine, a little rose and lily of the valley that’s extremely well blended. Like many of its genre and era, Armani comes across as a bit aloof, but it warms up significantly in the base when the animalic labdanum really shines through the starchy musk complex. 

Nose: Unknown
House: Giorgio Armani
Release date: 1982
Notes (per Fragrantica): aldehydes, pineapple, mint, galbanum, marigold, bergamot, cyclamen, tuberose, orchid, orris, jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, narcissus, sandalwood, tonka, amber, musk, benzoin, labdanum, oakmoss, cedar. 

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