Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Review

Compared to the rather excellent Noir (marketed to men), one can’t help but feel the new pour femme flanker leaves Tom Ford’s female audience short-changed. 
Noir pour femme has nothing to do with the original, being instead a vanillic desert bomb. Lurking behind the thick fug of (ethyl-)vanillin and clean musks is an impression of leather perhaps hinting at saffron and if you sniff your skin after 10 hours and a shower, you’ll still be able to smell some very persistent woody odorants (Javanol etc.). Signed by Sonia Constant, Noir pour femme is, of course, well composed and does what it (presumably) sets out to do fine. But it’s a disappointingly cynical release all the same. 

Nose: Sonia Constant
House: Tom Ford
Release date: 2015
Notes (per Fragrantica): bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, ginger, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, kulfi, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, mastic. 

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