Monday, 4 January 2016

Panorama Review

One of the problems with soliverts is they often end up smelling more like a pleasant accord than a fully fleshed out perfume (cf. Cartier’s L’Heure Vertueuse). Clément Gavarry’s proposed solution is Panorama: a multifaceted study in green that aims to showcase the full spectrum of possibilities.
The perfume’s central theme revolves around the fruitiness of galbanum, the grassiness of hexenol and the unripe figiness of stemone. Some very tame patchouli provides a link to the light base that’s musky and resinous (raisin-like labdanum, myrrh). If Panorama were a painting, it would be a work of Impressionism: up close, the brush-strokes are clearly discernible revealing the artist’s hand but from a distance, they fairly blur. Where the contrast is largely between shades than colours, this works against the fragrance and it comes off a bit underwhelming. Sillage drops dramatically after an our or so, too. 

Nose: Clément Gavarry
House: Olfactive Studios
Release date: 2015
Notes (per Fragrantica): lemon, bergamot, violet leaf, fig leaves, bamboo, cardamom, galbanum, cut grass, balsam, myrrh, patchouli, musk, labdanum

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