Saturday, 1 February 2014

El Attarine Review

El Attarine's orchestration involves a delicate interplay of the dry and the sweet.
Borne aloft on the cedar-like breeze of Iso E Super, a judicious dusting of cumin and cinnamon soon blends into the spicy, maple syrup tones of immortelle while violety ionones dance above a subtle accord of dried fruits. Offsetting the arid base of pale woods is a consoling drizzle of honey that lends the composition a softsmooth texture.
If the theme is a familiar one for Lutens and Sheldrake, it is here explored with a uniquely light touch, felt also in the perfume’s relatively modest sillage.

Nose: Christopher Sheldrake
House: Serge Lutens
Release date: 2008
Notes: Solaire. Traduit tout ce qui est odoriférant. La route des parfums en un jus solaire.


  1. Thanks, L., for breaking it down technically! A very subtle beauty and maybe an idea of Arabie for Arabie haters, would you agree?

  2. I'd absolutely agree, Larimar ! As you say, El Attarine express its beauty in a way that is more subtle than many (most ?) Lutens. For me, the use of cumin here is a perfect example of that delicacy and really opened my eyes to its charms. Thanks again for the sample, and for stopping by :)